Nutrition Champion_Suman

(Nutrition Champion)
Age 29 Years Qualification 5th Class Address K-105, Nardan Basti, Lal Kuan, M B Road, New Delhi- 110044
Details of children- Riya- 10 years, Priya- 8 years, Khushi- 5 years and Jiya- 1 year

Background Information
Suman has been living in Nardan Basti when she migrated to Delhi from Uttar Pradesh eleven years ago years after her marriage. In her family she has four daughters and husband. Her husband is a daily wage earner and he earns approximately 7- 8 thousand rupees per month to earn the livelihood.
Matri Sudha’s First Interaction
Suman married when she just entered the legal age of marriage and did not pass the middle school. Although Suman did not pass the middle school but she is quite intelligent when we first met her at her house. The first meeting with her was happened during our home visit while capturing the weight of children aged below six years in the community. Since growth monitoring of the child through anganwadi centre was not the regular practice then, we started measuring the growth of children aged below six years. During our conversation with her we found her less aware about health and nutrition of her children.
Khushi was Severely Underweight
When we started capturing the growth pattern of a child on the basis of weight for age measurement (underweight) in September 2014 we found Khushi severely underweight. Malnutrition had already trapped the child in her early age.

“I did not know what should be done in case if a child is severely underweight. I was being advised to take the child to primary health centre”

We found her 9.5 kilogram at the age of 38 months. Although the child was registered with anganwadi centre in the community, however, not much intervention was done to prevent the onset of malnutrition by the anganwadi and Asha workers with the family. When asked about the regular growth monitoring of the child through the Anganwadi Centre.

“Not much work used to be done by anganwadi worker in the community, but the situation has improved in last few years. Now the anganwadi worker comes to take the weight of child, tell us what to feed. During the time of Jia I was being properly counselled by ASHA Worker Seema and Anganwadi Worker Kavita. Both are very helpful.”

There was no such medical complication with Khushi, but she was not gaining weight for many months and one day Matri Sudha counselled her about child health and nutrition, diet food pattern, sanitation and hygiene and kept tracking the child regularly. Suman started taking care of Khushi in respect to her diet, visit to primary health centre, growth monitoring, personal hygiene, cleanliness at home etc. She also started participating in monthly meetings with at the angwandi centre.“Monthly meeting happens regularly in anganwadi centre where we discuss issues related to mother and child health and nutrition”
ASHA Worker Played a Role
Meanwhile, ASHA worker also got involved in to visit the family on regular basis. Regular counselling sessions on prevention and cure from malnutrition, visiting the health centre on regular basis the situation of Khushi started improving. After two years of successful intervention Khushi gained the weight that she is no longer a severely underweight child.
Jia was born Healthy and Happy
Suman also gave birth to another girl child (Jia) whose weight at birth was above normal. She started taking care of Jia from the very early age so that the history of malnutrition could not be repeated in her family.

“ASHA worker and Anganwadi worker both work together and made visit to my home during time of my pregnancy and counselled me on my own nutrition, health check-up, care, breastfeeding. I am happy that Jia is born healthy due to continuous work of Asha Worker, Anganwadi Worker and Matri Sudha…Suman”


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