Nutrition Champion_Kavita_Anganwadi Worker

Kavita- Anganwadi Centre No 37, Nardan Basti, Hamdard Nagar ICDS Project

(Nutrition Champion)


Kavita was appointed as an Anganwadi Worker under Integrated Child Development Scheme in September, 2014. Her commitment to her work reflects from the distance she travels on daily basis from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh to Nardan Basti, where she was appointed as Anganwadi Worker in December 2015. She has two children who are studying.

Kavita – A Committed Anganwadi Worker

Kavita has been teaching children below six years of age since she started working many years ago and she likes to work with children in this age group which motivated her to become an anganwadi worker.

During her tenure as an anganwadi worker she has received a fresher training by the Department of Women and Child Development. When she was placed in Nardan Basti she got some challenges at the community level. When only fewer children were accessing the Anganwadi centre and issues related to quality of food.

“Supplementary nutrition used to be left at anganwadi centre due to quality issue and complaints from the community. She repeatedly made complaints in her monthly progress report to her Supervisor to improve its quality and quantity. Today the supplementary nutrition is in good demand among children who access the anganwadi centre”    

Identification of Malnourished Children – The First Priority  

Firstly, she started to monitor weight of the children on regular basis and to keep the records of all children in her register. The severely acute malnourished children were started to monitor twice in a month. She used to refer severely acute malnourished children to primary health centre.

Not only she started growth monitoring of all children, through monthly meetings at anganwadi centre she started awareness to the lactating and pregnant women regarding exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding, ante-natal check-ups etc.

According to Kavita, she has seen some changes in community which are summarised as follows:

  1. The community is now aware regarding growth monitoring and now they keep asking about the child growth
  2. The pregnant women come itself to register their name in Anganwadi centre in first trimester
  3. The pregnant and lactating mother has started to ask about their health issues during and after pregnancy
  4. The adolescent girls are being given Iron-Folic Acid tablets
  5. The mothers are sending to the children for Pre-School education.
  6. The community people are taking supplementary food from the Anganwadi centre etc.

Kavita would not have done the successive interventions in the community, if she had not received support from her CDPO, Ms. Alka Rawal, who is a source of inspiration for all her workers.

“She wants to work more sincerely for children in the community and to improve the situation of malnourished children. Adding into it she wants to grow in her life”


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