Nutrition Champion_Shakila


(Nutrition Champion)

Age 26 Years : Qualification 8th Class : Address- K- 86, Nardan Basti, Lal Kuan, M B Road, New Delhi- 110044 : Details of children– Azhar- 5 years, Aliya- 3 years and Akram- 1 year

Background Information

Shakila lives in a nuclear family with her husband and three children. She has her mother in law, father in law, brother in law, sister in law and their children in the same house, however, they cook separately. Her husband is a daily wage earner and earns 6-7 thousand rupees per month.

Matri Sudha’s Intervention

At the time of growth monitoring (17-9-2014) Aliya was only one year old and her weight was 5.650 kg while the normal weight of a child in this age should be 7 kg and the child was found moderately malnourished. In the first meeting a background history of Aliya was taken in which we found that Alia would always become sick and very often she suffered from loose motions and cold. She was also admitted to Majeedia Hospital (one of government-aided hospital) where she was admitted for a week.

Convinced Mother-in-Law for Health Centre Visit

Matri Sudha started home visits to her home and called the ASHA worker at her home wherein the ASHA worker referred the child to primary health centre. However, due to the strictness of her mother in law she was not able to go out. But she managed to convince her mother-in-law who made one visit with her to the health centre.

“When I visited the primary health centre doctor informed me that your child is underweight and proper care of her health and nutrition is required”

Weekly Home Visits and Tracking Growth Pattern

Through weekly home visits the counselling sessions for both mother and the mother-in-law encouraged them to take care of Aliya. Shakila started tracking the growth pattern of Aliya every month at Anganwadi Centre and during home visits she always used to ask us whether Aliya is growing or not.

“Services of anganwadi centre have improved and now anganwadi worker comes to take the weight of child, it helps us to know the growth of our children. ASHA worker is also very supportive; with their help I was able to take Aliya to primary health centre. Nazeen Didi and you all encouraged me to take care of Aliya. Now I know about malnutrition and how it impacts a child”

Participation in Meetings at Anganwadi Centre

We also encouraged her to participate in monthly meeting on health and nutrition at anganwadi centre. Matri Sudha activated the monthly health and nutrition meetings at anganwadi centre in which the primary role is being played by the anganwadi worker to call women for meeting. Shakila also takes supplementary nutrition given by the anganwadi centre.

Convergent role played by frontline workers

Both Anganwadi and ASHA worker helped her to go at PHC for check-up and to do the necessary follow-up through home visits. Shakila also used to take her child to the health centre on regular basis. She says “visiting the primary health centre helped her child a lot. She visits the health centre in case if any treatment is required”. At present her weight is 11.5 kg as on December 2016 and he is in normal grade.

“When I was pregnant for third time, Seema ASHA worker used to come to register my name and she referred me to the health centre. Nazmeen and Seema used to come to counsel me to complete the check-ups during pregnancy, taking care of my health and nutrition”

“After more than one year of my linkages with Matri Sudha, my mother-in-law also encourages me to participate in monthly meetings on health and nutrition. Aliya now goes to attend pre-school in anganwadi centre and is dear to her father”

Akram was Born Safe and Healthy

One year long intervention with Shakila encouraged her to take care of her new child Akram, who was born with almost three kilogram. He was born healthy.

“Akram is now one year old and I take care of him along with two other children”


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