#10 Children Connected to School Education

Rudra was born in 2013 to Mr. Ajeet and Madhuri Rai. He has been one of the beneficiaries of early childhood development initiative of Matri Sudha for children aged 3-6 years. Matri Sudha addresses the critical social problems of maternal and child health, malnutrition and school education by working directly with children, families and communities.Pic1

This programme sets the connection from pre-school to school education wherein 30 children spend their three hours at our children resource centre where they are mentored by a ‘Didi’  who is a community volunteer from the basti. Didi teach them, play with them, sings song and dances with them. More than this, children get the platform to express them.

The early childhood development programme is based on three premises –

  1. First six years of life is the most important years of child development
  2. It connects two important stages of life – pre-school and school
  3. This period is like a clay which can be shaped into any form

After a yearlong engagement at the children resource centre, Rudra learnt how to become a good person besides that he learnt counting, subtraction, vegetables name, fruits name and has now been linked to school education. He is gradually learning to get himself adapt to school environment.

Like Rudra, 9 other children through our ECCD programme have been linked to school education.

#Elma #SajidKhan #Shivam #Srishti #Piyush #Shivam #Harshita #Vishal #Deepanshi

Other children who have been enrolled in school through direct interventions are:-

  • 3 (M-0, F-3) Children enrolled in government School in V.P Singh Camp
  • 14 (M-7, F-7) Children are enrolled in schools from Nardan Basti


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