#Children Resource Centre is Picking Up its Speed with Adolescents in VP Singh Camp

Theme – Health and Nutrition

Matri Sudha planned to conduct four training sessions of one hour each with two groups in VP Singh Camp during this month and first month of June. The organization covers 1000 households in VP Singh where in 500 households were added during this year project cycle, therefore, covering two different areas within the basti. As a part of its planning process two groups were decided to be formed from each 500 households. However, during mobilization phase, only a group of 19-20 adolescents in new intervention area within the basti was formed due to less number of adolescents in the other area as they were off to their villages during summer vacations.Pic2

Hence, the organization decided to conduct training sessions with one batch in the new 500 household due to unavailability of adolescents.

Before, the mobilization phase, two-three days were spent by the team to customize the module shared by CRY* as per the requirements in the area.

The first training session was on ‘My Introduction’. In total 19 Girls participated against the target of 15 adolescent girls in the first batch. The training session was started with a group introduction from Matri Sudha and what and how does the organization work to improve the lives of children.

In the second stage, an activity was done by forming a group of two persons in each group who would talk to each other for 5 minutes to know each other well. The cross introduction (you will give my introduction and I will give yours).This exercise not only helped them to understand each other well but also groomed a little to present someone else. The third stage of the training session did a 12 minutes exercise wherein a format was shared with the group. The format was having 12 questions – ‘How Much I Know About Myself’.

In the next stage the aspirations were mapped with all adolescents and it was concluded that majority of them wanted to become doctor, teacher, and police, designer. The last stage of the training session was concluded with an activity and the story of 50 girls from a village in Tamil Nadu, working to prevent child marriages and to awareness of personal hygiene.

Second training was on ‘Who are Children & Child Rights’ with 21 adolescents in the same 500 households added this year in V.P Singh camp. The training started with the “Chief Guest Activity” where a child has to tell about her by taking her name as “her name is Neetu and she is 12 years old. Neetu studies in class 5th and wants to become a Police. Neetu likes to play a lot”. The rest of the children repeated the same act in their own way.

The key focus during this training session is to share correct information among adolescents as who are children and what are their rights? During the interactive session the focus was on who is a child and what are their rights? Children shared that ‘a person who is between 0-5 years is a child; a person who does not understand anything is a child; and a person less than 13 years of age is a child. From among the group Radha gave the correct information that ‘a person who is between 0-18 years is a child’. Khushi informed that ‘parents have the rights on persons between 0-18 years and therefore, they are called as children’. Kumkum shared that ‘each child has the right to study, to play, to eat healthy food and to raise their voice’. The interactive session was concluded with the correct information about ‘who is a child and what their rights.

The next phase of the training involved a group exercise on – survival, development, protection and participation. Each group presented their views about each right. The last session was concluded with ‘childhood memories’ with a set of pre-tested 14 questions about my childhood memories. The training ended with feedback and agenda for next session in last week of May.


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