#Nikki Re-enrolled in School

NikkiNikki and her family belong to Bihar and lives in V.P. Singh camp for last many years. She got dropped out from school when she was in class 4th and now wanted to study. Nikki’s father is a daily wage labourer and her mother is a housewife. She has one sister and a brother. On 2nd July 2018 she along with her mother Rekha approached Matri Sudha’s resource centre where they narrated the story to Anju from Matri Sudha. The first meeting was concluded to visit the school where Nikki would get the admission. The time line of activities done to get the Nikki re-enrolled in school is-

5th July – Teacher initially refused to take the case for discussion, but she was briefed about age appropriate admission provision in Right to Education Act. She asked Anju to get the School ID generated from the last school which she attended.

13th July – Anju along with parents went to SDMC, Primary school to get the ID generated. The concerned person was not available and they were asked to come again.

19th July – SDMC school teacher refused to generate the official ID as Nikki’s name was deleted from the record. As a result the other school also refused to give her the admission in absence of any proof. The SDMC school teacher also refused to give her admission in class 5th as she was over-age.

20th July – Nikki’s parent got the updated Aadhar Card which had the proof that she was able to get admission in class 5th. As a result the SDMC school authorities agreed to give her the admission in class 5th.

(Nikki is now going to SDMC, Primary School, Pul Prehlad Pur and studying in class 5th)


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