#10 Children Connected to School Education

Rudra was born in 2013 to Mr. Ajeet and Madhuri Rai. He has been one of the beneficiaries of early childhood development initiative of Matri Sudha for children aged 3-6 years. Matri Sudha addresses the critical social problems of maternal and child health, malnutrition and school education by working directly with children, families and communities.… Continue reading #10 Children Connected to School Education

In Photos: Who is To Blame For The Malnourished Children of Delhi?

A study found that 36% of 3650 children surveyed in Delhi’s urban slums were malnourished (Photo: Shorbori Purkayastha/The Quint) “There is no better joy than laying the foundations of a strong future for these little children,” Narendra Modi wrote in a blog for the Times of India in 2013. Children are the future of the world, but some children don’t… Continue reading In Photos: Who is To Blame For The Malnourished Children of Delhi?

Nutrition Governance in Delhi (Rights vs Realities

Right to food and nutrition is a challenging issue for India and its seriousness is even reflected in the capital city of Delhi. With much effort the National Food Security Act, 2013 was promulgated to ensure nutritional support and food security to different categories of children and women through government programmes and Schemes. The Law provides for a comprehensive… Continue reading Nutrition Governance in Delhi (Rights vs Realities

Nutrition Champion_Kavita_Anganwadi Worker

Kavita- Anganwadi Centre No 37, Nardan Basti, Hamdard Nagar ICDS Project (Nutrition Champion) Background Kavita was appointed as an Anganwadi Worker under Integrated Child Development Scheme in September, 2014. Her commitment to her work reflects from the distance she travels on daily basis from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh to Nardan Basti, where she was appointed… Continue reading Nutrition Champion_Kavita_Anganwadi Worker